The secret to making pancakes for a crowd

Photo by Richard Swearinger

Pancakes just do not lend themselves to big groups very well. Even with just my husband and I, I eat a pancake while his cooks, and then he eats his pancake while mine cooks. It’s all about delayed gratification, and really, don’t you think it is hard to watch someone forking into a steamy pancake while you’re waiting for your own?

Wouldn’t it be ever so much better if everybody could sit down together over their very own piles of pancakes? Why, yes, Deb, it would.

And according to Test Kitchen Culinary Specialist Coleen Weeden, a pancake-flinging mom, it is not all that difficult to make pancakes and keep them warm until there are enough for everybody.

"Just warm your oven to 225°," Co advises. "And line a baking sheet with a wire cookie cooling rack. Just make pancakes like crazy, and as they are finished, place them on the baking sheet."

"The key to doing this successfully is in arranging them the right way on the baking sheet. If you pile the pancakes high, they will just get soggy, because the stack prevents the steam from escaping and the vapor is absorbed by the pancakes."

So Co just keeps the baking sheet in the oven, and adds pancakes in a single layer as they are done. "There is no need to cover the baking sheet," Co says, "as long as they remain in the oven for no longer than about 30 minutes. And if you run out of room on one baking sheet, start filling another."

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